How to Layer Necklaces Like a Pro

When it comes to accessories, you don't need to choose just one! Your favorite necklaces are enough to wear alone but is more fun to layer and mix up with other lovely pieces. Don't be shy about following the trend, once you know the rules of layering your necklaces, you won't stop having fun!  With this 7 tips you will layer chains like a PRO!

  1. Start with the most delicate and short necklace. Choose 2-4 chains to layer up.
  2. Leave space between the chains. Make sure that every chain has a place. Avoid being placed on top of one and the other piece.
  3. Be free to combine textures and metals. Choose different chain style, fine, bold or chunky. 
  4. Complete the entire look with your largest pendant. Always leave the focal point and most long necklace for the final touch. Keep in mind that the longer the necklace, the more pieces you will have to add to your outfit and this could overload the style. Unless your goal where it.
  5. Do not load the style with other accessories that attract a lot of attention. Keep it simple rule. If your goal is to highlight that area, do not use long chunky earrings, bold and flashy bracelets, brooches, big hair clips and so on. Focus your attention only on that area and combine it with small and basic pieces.
  6. Let your jewelry talk! Have fun and let us know what other tips and tricks you used to layer necklaces like a pro! Leave me your tricks in the comments.

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