How to care my treasures?

      Some treasures are susceptible to tarnish – this is a natural reaction – the metal has with chemicals in the air.

      Fortunately, safeguard upkeep can help keep your treasures gems looking extraordinary for quite a long time to come. Regular light cleaning with cleaning material. You can likewise wash your gems occasionally with mellow dish cleanser and warm water (make sure to dry totally when taking care of your adornments.)

     You can prevent tarnish from putting away in a case, or a pack by utilizing dried up silica gel, granules that ingest the stickiness noticeable all around. Covering the gems in your cases with a Jeweler's Cloth will likewise help limit discolor. When putting away your silver gems or keeping them in fixed polyethylene packs will help lessen discolor also. 

    Tarnish can be handily taken out when first noticed.  Notwithstanding, whenever left untreated, the shade of the stain will obscure and will turn out to be harder to eliminate, requiring proficient cleaning. 

    It is additionally imperative to stay away from compounds like chlorine, makeup, hair shower, and perfume,  and to avoid extended exposure to direct sunlight. We also have a few tips you can use to preserve your piece. 

 Our Materials:




.925 Sterling Silver:

925 Sterling Silver is a composite made of 92.5% unadulterated silver and 7.5% copper. We plate our silver adornments with 14k Gold, Rose Gold & Rhodium, which gives it additional sparkle and sturdiness. Rhodium is one of the premium valuable metals because of its characteristics. 


Care Tip:   I’m H2O touchy. Stay away from water when wearing your piece, because after some time the authentic silver will oxidize.  Be that as it may, the oils in your skin help shield real silver from oxidizing quicker. Thus, wear frequently, and keep your piece in your pocket to keep oxygen under control.




Gold Vermeil:    

How would you articulate that!? We have you: ver - may. Not to be mistaken for ordinary gold plating, gold vermeil is a lot thicker layer of gold which gives the pieces their durable tone. We utilize 18k gold that is at least 2.5 microns thick layered over .925 Sterling Silver. 


Care Tip:   Sweat and water: not this time, please. Prior to exercise practicing or showering, take-off your vermeil gems. Clean your piece by polishing delicately with a dry fabric and store it in your pocket.



sofia mini pearl hoop earrings


We utilize refined pearls from clams and freshwater mussels that we cautiously select for our pieces. Pearls are touchy in nature, so remember to treat them with extreme care. 


Care Tip:   Ensure they are the ending piece you put on before going out and the main thing you take off when you return home. Stay away from direct contact with synthetics found in aroma or different beauty care products.


pink synthetic opal stud earrings

Precious stones:

  Jewels are one of the hardest characteristic substances found on earth. Our excellent precious stones are morally sourced from our providers who follow struggle free and socially mindful practices. 


Care Tip:  They might be the hardest normal substance however can in any case experience the ill effects of chips and little breaks from sharp blows. Utilize warm foamy fluid and a toothbrush, washing the stone and setting a while later to guarantee there is no buildup.


Aurora labradorite ring


  The entirety of our gemstones may have been routinely enhanced to improve color, evenness, or stability unless noted as “natural”, We utilize a variety of valuable and semi-valuable stones, from labradorite to sapphires until citrine; profoundly esteemed for their magnificence, life span, and eccentricity. These are either cabochon stones that are cut like smooth arches or faceted stones which are the level appearances of mathematical shapes. 


Care Tip:   To keep gemstones perfect and gleaming, utilize warm sudsy water and a delicate brush. Maintain a strategic distance from synthetic compounds or unnecessary temperatures when cleaning.